Sami West


Only Available in Okinawa, Japan

Sami's Bridal Portfolio
Sami's Design Portfolio

Sami has always had a love for art and has been a visual person since she was young. As she got older, she realized that her passion would lie in the art of hair & makeup. She pursued cosmetology school and later finished her makeup certification which took her to the next level in her career. She has worked in studio for 15+ years and has been doing on location hair & makeup artistry for just as long. When the opportunity arose for her to become the owner of Signature Brides & Design she was overwhelmed with joy. It had always been her dream to own a company as prestigious as this and they were finally coming true. She then had an opportunity to move overseas and of course took it! She now exclusively does hair and makeup in Okinawa, Japan and is currently learning the Japanese language! How cool is that? She is very much a people person and would find pure happiness in customizing your special day to fit your needs, wants and dreams.

  • Services: Hair, Makeup, Airbrush, Extensions

Brooke Madigan

Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Brooke’s Bridal Portfolio
Brooke’s Design Portfolio

Brooke spent most of her childhood in studios, training and studying all forms of dance. Every single morning from the age of 10, Brooke would wake up at 4 AM to do beautiful tight updos that would have to stay in for a full day of advanced dance classes. Brooke challenged herself to do a different hairstyle in her hair every single day. Because of this, she became so talented at making the hair stay in even when spinning for hours and hours on end, that the dance studio started hiring her to do their dancer’s hair and makeup for performances, plays, and shows when she was only 13 years old. When she was 15, Brooke ended up getting in a car crash and ending her dance career. This was very heartbreaking for Brooke, but at age 16 she went on a tour of a cosmetology school, signed up that day, stated the next, and hasn’t stopped doing hair and makeup sense! Making people feel absolutely beautiful, confident and like they can take on anything is Brooke’s biggest passion and is what drives Brooke so much in her life.

  • Services: Hair, Makeup, Airbrush

Meredith Ashcraft

Located in Logan, Utah

Meredith’s Bridal Portfolio
Meredith’s Design Portfolio

Meredith is an artist that has always had a knack for making things look as beautiful as possible. As a child, Meredith gained inspiration from Disney princesses and found a passion for creating looks fitting for any type of fairytale. For as long as she can remember she has been creating innovative looks, inspiring hairstyles, and unmatched updos.

She strives to make everyone she works with feel and look their best. She is flexible and professional as she works with clients to help them achieve their desired look. The most rewarding part of her job is seeing the confidence that comes to women who shines with her own natural beauty and style. She is talented, dedicated to her craft, and excited to connect with you!

  • Services: Hair, Makeup, Airbrush

Hayden Craner

Located in Ogden, Utah

Hayden is the gal behind all the emails that aids in finding the artist of your dreams. She assists with planning your special event to exclusively match your needs while helping communicate on the artists behalf.
  • Services: Owner’s Assistant and office management


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